How To Have Better Health In The 2024 New Year

All around the world, people have found and shared hundreds of ways that they ring in the New Year. Most importantly, doing so in the happiest and healthiest light. 

According to recent surveys, there a few different ways that our populations will be ringing in the New Year with “good health” in mind. Now, let’s keep in mind that being “healthy” looks different for everyone. But when it really comes down to it, what levels of self-care are sought out to be most prevalent for the 2024 New Year?

Well, according to the Good News Network, these are the current standings: 

1. Be more physically active — 40%
2. Eat healthier foods — 37%
3. Maintain a positive mindset — 30%
4. Spend time doing things they love — 22%
5. Sleep more hours — 22%
6. Spend more time with loved ones — 19%
7. Set goals for themselves — 16%
8. Monitor stress levels — 16%
9. Utilize products that help their body internally (vitamins, superfoods) — 14%
10. Visit their health care provider more often — 12%

At the end of the day, it seems there’s quite a few ways to get these healthy rituals in place. Which ways are you going to practice self-care and healthy behaviors this 2024 New Year?


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