Pete takes you through your workday with not only the hottest new music, but also with the latest trends in social media. Pete also hosts up your Throwback Lunchbox – a one hour, noon time trip in a musical time machine, visiting the hits from years past


Movie: Anchorman or The Truman Show
Actor/Actress: Jason Sudeikis & Jennifer Lawrence
Book: The Hunger Games (series)
Sport: Formula 1 (Racing) & NFL -- I'm a huge Jets fan!
TV Show: How I Met Your Mother, Flaked, Master of None, Parks and Recreation, 24, Arrested Development
Holiday: Thanksgiving! Gotta love that Turkey! #nomnomnom
Restaurant(s): Anywhere I can get food fast
Food: Corned Beef & Cabbage or Chicken Parm – Probably not together...
Place to Shop: H&M
What's on your iPod? Pretty much a little of everything! Country, classic rock, some pop -- If you've heard of it, it's probably on there
Pets? This little angel Nala! She’s a black/chocolate lab mix…OnairPete-Nala
What is your favorite cereal? Special K! Especially the one with strawberries. I could eat 5 bowls of that stuff.
Do you untie your shoes? Nope! I just mash my feet in and out of ‘em. I'm too lazy to mess with those things in life! #aintnobodygottimeforthat
What is your favorite ice cream? Technically I'm lactose intolerant, but when I don’t care -- Rocky Road!
Favorite smells: Rain, and pretty much any food except for hard-boiled eggs. Those are the worst.
What is your favorite lunch meat? Turkey. Low-sodium so I think I'm eating healthy.
Do you still have your tonsils? Yep, and they're amazing.
Would you bungee jump?  I'd need a drink or twelve before I ever tried it...
Pet Peeves: When people don't use their blinkers, pass you on the right, cut you off and/or don't look before they turn – I really shouldn’t belong on the road!

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