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Getting ready for Halloween

Halloween has become a booming business. I think I see more people putting money and time into their Halloween decorations than Christmas. People are getting more and more intricate with their yards and creating whole displays that add to the fun of trick or treating. Halloween movies seem to be a thing of the past…Continue Reading

Tips for Football Widows

Ahhhh it’s HERE! FOOTBALL SEASON! Being a lifelong baseball fan a sport that is played 162 times a season, watching a game was an almost daily occurrence.  With football there is only one game a week so that one Sunday (also Monday and Thursday occasionally) is a social event. People host parties at their house,…Continue Reading

Concert Etiquette

As I get older, and yet another birthday is upon me October 23rd  I do most certainly notice certain tolerances have lessened. I hate to think someone in their 30′s has become salty or less patient as no one wants to be “that person”. I have however become more steadfast on my values and beliefs…Continue Reading

The Best of the Internet

The internet is full of time wasters, entertainment, information and oh time wasters. If you can weed out the nonsense, spam and fake websites you can actually find a solution for every single thing that needs to be accomplished in your life as well as solutions for travel, entertainment and shopping! Below are some of…Continue Reading

The Gift of Gifting

I need to be very careful as to how I word this blog post as to not come off as ungrateful or non appreciative. That is most definitely NOT the case.  So I am just going to come out and say it.. “I don’t want a gift card”.  I just celebrated my birthday and Christmas…Continue Reading

College of Knowledge

Doing something random and different on today’s blog. On one of my previous radios shows years ago I used to do a thing on the air called Skywalkers College of Knowledge. Each day I would impart a random fact that I came across. The intent was to make you laugh, think or just forget what…Continue Reading

Time in line

Ok..admission. I have a few pet peeves. Not many but there a few things that drive me crazy. One of which is traffic and the other is “lines”. It seems like whenever I am on a line at the store, drive thru, bank etc my transaction seems to take the least amount of time and…Continue Reading

The Ben & Jerry’s Challenge!

Full disclosure- I love ice cream. More specifically I love Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream. Living here in Vermont is a bonus. I feel I am at one with Ben and Jerry. My fave flavor of all time has been Chunky Monkey. This is banana ice cream with chunks of dark chocolate inside. I also…Continue Reading

Emoji goodness

It was recently national EMOJI day. You know those little symbols you use while texting? I don’t use them that often but if there was one I do use a lot it is the “thumbs up” emoji.  This works in all types of scenarios except when you forget it may not be appropriate when it…Continue Reading

Work risk!

I love my job as a radio DJ, but one “downfall” is the job can be a catalyst for some less than healthy habits. The actual job of pressing buttons and talking into a microphone doesn’t exactly burn calories and it’s probably five hours of being sedentary. I also work rather odd and irregular hours…Continue Reading

Which Moms are the Best?

I went to dinner with my Mom this past weekend as she is celebrating her retirement. Lucky! It will be awhile for this radio dj to retire. She is a great mom which got me to think who TV wise were my favorite moms growing up. This is what I compiled/ 4) Rosanne Conner I…Continue Reading

Snap Map?

Where are you right now? Did you “check in”… Oh man this social media thing is a blessing and a curse. I admit I use it for work, I use it for personal and I browse. But to what point? Are there safety issues? I never understood “checking in” to places as if I know…Continue Reading

A Reverse Selfie on National Selfie Day

Ahhhh the selfie. It has become slang, the norm, the “thing to do”. Does it play on everyone’s natural vanity? Portraying themselves in the best light albeit not very organic as probably 30 selfies were taken before the chosen one. I’d like to issue a challenge. I’d like to challenge people to take a “reverse…Continue Reading

There are times when I wish I worked in a profession where I wore a uniform. It would make life so much easier. Also when I was in school I went to public school which allowed us to wear whatever. I would not have been opposed to a uniform policy as well. This kid made…Continue Reading

Reverse sexism?

So the much anticipated Wonder Woman is being released to theaters. She embodies girl power and strength so a theatre chain has decided to hold “woman only” screenings where the people who watch the movie as well as the people who work in the theatre that night are woman only. Is this sexist? If this…Continue Reading

Safety tips

Hey guys. I try to keep things light on the air and on the blog but sometimes real life happens. This news in Manchester in regards to the Ariana Grande concert is so sad. I am personally tired of saying “thoughts and prayers” when these situations arise. When will these situations NOT HAPPEN? Until then…Continue Reading

What to (and NOT to) give!

I need to be very careful as to how I word this blog post as to not come off as ungrateful or non appreciative. That is most definitely NOT the case.  So I am just going to come out and say it.. “I don’t want a gift card”.  Again to qualify what I am about…Continue Reading

Who’s your super hero alter-ego?

It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s….every superhero you can think of! We are super hero obsessed. When I was a kid it was all about the basic main players like Batman and Superman. Now there is a clear line distinction between DC comics heroes and Marvel heroes.  And they cross over into each other’s storylines as…Continue Reading