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Today’s blog comes with extra excitement. I was born a Yankees fan and came up watching them from the 80’s. The fire and fight that this 2017 team has is beyond amazing. The Yankees are a young club with some veterans leading the way and they mesh perfectly. They remind me of kids just having…Continue Reading


Well a sad day for everyone as we lost the OG Playboy Hugh Hefner at the age of 91. Hef passed away at the Playboy Mansion of natural causes and I think it’s safe to say he lived a very happy life. While his 31 year old wife was not in his will for unknown…Continue Reading

Frank Vincent R.I.P.

Normally I don’t get morbid but yesterday we lost a legend by the name of Frank Vincent. He was most famous for the line “Now go get your shinebox!” Famously said in the classic Goodfellas as he played Billy Batts. Of course he also played Phil Leotard do in The Sopranos, yet another classic role…Continue Reading

New T Swift

So the buzz has been going around all week when Taylor Swift shut down her social media and then teased her new single and album. Well the wait is over and the world now has “look What You Made Me Do” on replay!! The new album, Reputation comes out November 10 and we may be…Continue Reading

Revivals and reboots – when is enough enough???

It looks like 2017 has been the year for revivals and reboots of films and tv shows. Funny thing is I called it at the beginning of the year. Some movies that are getting redone are worthy of it while others should be left alone in my opinion. Take the Cobra Kai YouTube Red series…Continue Reading

Leave the Biebs alone!

Ok so as we all know a lot has been going on with Justin Bieber as of late. He recently cancelled the rest of his Purpose world tour due to the fact that he wants his rest and well…wants to ride bikes. No he is not starting a church so we can forget about that.…Continue Reading

Remakes and Sequels

Movie remakes and sequels   I’m a fan of movies. In fact I try to get to the movies any chance I get. And if I can’t then I have a plethora of DVD’s at home and of course the fire stick to stream haha. But I’m more of an old school movie kinda guy.…Continue Reading

The Addiction of cell phones

I wanna touch on the subject of the use of cell phones. I guess you can say there’s an etiquette involved with this. Now I know we live in a time that we need and can get access to information at the drop of a dime but let’s be honest here – do we need…Continue Reading

Fashion faux pas!

First male rompers and now male lace shorts?!?!?   What is the fashion world coming to is what I have to ask. I mean I’m still trying to get over the male romper and now we have lace shorts for guys. Anytime I hear the word lace I think of something related to a Victoria’s…Continue Reading

Memorial Day Menu

Every year I go through the fun hassle of figuring out what to make or BBQ for Memorial Day and even though there’s the basics, I thought maybe changing it up this year a bit might be fun too. We all know you got the burgers and dogs and even chicken or corn on the…Continue Reading

Please call the Fashion Police…

Something we need to talk about and fellas I’m gonna need your help here.  What is the deal with the new fashion craze of guys rockin’ these ROMPERS?!?!?!?!?  And they are specifically made for guys!  I can’t put my head around it.  At first I thought it was a joke or a gag but this…Continue Reading

Oreo’s could equal $$$

OK so I am a big time Oreo cookie fan. My personal favorite is the double stuffed. As of late I am seeing an overabundance of different “flavored” oreos. The latest being the waffles and syrup flavor.I don’t really know how to feel about this – especially since I haven’t tried the latest flavor yet.…Continue Reading