Timbaland's Music Reaches The Moon As Part Of 'Lunar Art Museum'

Timbaland's music has successfully ventured beyond the confines of Earth and entered the realm of space, where it will remain for an undetermined amount of time. Among the artists who were granted the opportunity to send their digitized recordings into space by Odysseus, which was the first private lunar spacecraft to touch down on the moon's surface, Timbaland is one of the artists who got the luxury of doing so. The 'Lunar Art Museum' will also have recordings by artists such as Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Santana, and much more on a "glass, nickel, and NanoFiche structure built to last millions of, if not a billion, years." Dallas Santana, who represents Space Blue, said, "This is music that stands the test of time." Would you travel to the moon if you had the opportunity to do so? Why or why not?


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