Roses Cost HOW Much For Valentine's Day?

This Valentine’s Day, Americans are expected to spend more than $2.6 billion on roses for their loved ones. How much of that money will you be contributing? That depends on what state you live in. FinanceBuzz has released a list of the most expensive states and least expensive states for buying roses. Topping the “most expensive” list is Hawaii, where a dozen roses are selling for a staggering $128.65. At number two is Wyoming, where they’re selling for an average of $108.63, followed by Maryland, where roses cost $106.65. And rounding out the top five are Montana and Washington, where people are paying $105 and $101.66, respectively. The state with the cheapest average price is Alaska, where roses cost $71.63. Massachusetts checks in at number two with $72.97, followed by California, where a dozen sell for $73.33. At number four is Oregon, where people are paying $74.98. And finishing off the top five is Rhode Island, where a dozens roses cost just a penny more than they do in Oregon: $74.99, according to FinanceBuzz. What’s the worst Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever received? How about the best?

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