Pizza Hut Launches New Goodbye Pies Ahead Of Valentine's Day

2024 According to Pizza Hut, there is a common misunderstanding that breakups do not occur around Valentine's Day. However, research indicates that Valentine's Day is actually a holiday that is centered around the greatest heartbreak, with forty-five percent of individuals thinking that it is preferable to have the breakup occur right before the day itself. "Red Tuesday," which occurs on the Tuesday before Valentine's Day, is defined as the day of the year when people split up the most frequently. That is why Pizza Hut is introducing unique, limited-edition Hot Honey "Goodbye Pies" beginning on Red Tuesday and continuing until Valentine's Day. These pies are designed to assist deliver fiery news in a sweet way, and they are being offered for free. As part of the promotion, Pizza Hut will assist you in ending your relationship with your significant other by sending you a tailored and straightforward message on custom packaging along with a Hot Honey Goodbye Pie that is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy flavors to relieve the pain.  What do you plan on doing on Valentine's Day?

photo via Pizza Hut

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