Delta Flight Turns Around After Maggots Attack Passenger

In what sounds like a potential sequel to the film Snakes On a Plane, a Delta flight from Amsterdam to Detroit had to turn around after a woman was attacked by maggots. The incident happened Tuesday about an hour into the flight, says passenger Philip Schotte, who was sitting across the aisle from the woman when dozens of maggots suddenly fell out of the overhead bin. "She was freaking out," Schotte says. "She was just trying to kind of fight off these maggots." Flight attendants tracked the maggots to a passenger’s carry-on bag, which had a rotting fish in it. Immediately following the incident, the pilot announced that the plane was heading back to Amsterdam, Schotte says. It’s unclear if the passenger who brought the maggots aboard was detained or fined. "I am surprised that both the rotten fish and live maggots were not picked up by security," Schotte says. What’s been your biggest airline nightmare?

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