With Christmas just around the corner, people will be making their travelling plans and preparing for their holiday traditions.

My earliest memory of a tradition in my family was the Christmas Eve snack fest. My Mom would always make a ton of snacks and we would all open one present from underneath the tree.

We also had a tradition of payback. When i was young, I was up and nagging my parents to get up and get ready for opening presents. This was usually around the 5am hour, when my parents had been up until 2am, putting the finishing touches on things. The payback began when I got older and wanted to sleep in and my Dad started a new tradition of waking ME up around 5 to 6am on Christmas morning.

Traditions are important. They establish a link to your past and encourage positive memories during a time of year that can be extremely stressful for people. If you do not have any traditions now, create some – you’ll be happy you did when you get older.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Z97.1!