Tips for Football Widows

Ahhhh it’s HERE! FOOTBALL SEASON! Being a lifelong baseball fan a sport that is played 162 times a season, watching a game was an almost daily occurrence.  With football there is only one game a week so that one Sunday (also Monday and Thursday occasionally) is a social event. People host parties at their house, go to a local neighborhood bar to watch the game or even get in their car and listen on the radio while they go for a drive. My brother in law is from Buffalo New York but lives in Connecticut. Where could he find a bunch of Buffalo Bills fans to enjoy the game with in southern New England? With a little help from Google he found out there are certain bars where people of the same non local geographic origin meet and root for their home team.  There is a lot of fun to be had on Sundays for the football fan however there is one faction of the population that is left behind; the football widow. Yes, this is the friends and family members who do not share in the pomp and circumstance of the grid iron. They know better then to interrupt or persuade a football fan to alter their plans on a day. I know a fair amount of people who schedule their family errands and activities based on whether the game was a Sunday 1p or a Sunday 4p game. If it is a Monday night game the weekend is usually safe! So the question remains what the heck can these football widows or to be fair widowers, do while their partner is otherwise occupied? A few suggestions:

1. I am always attempting to see “this movie or that movie”. I just never seem to get to the theater to see a flick and usually have to wait until it comes out on DVD. Well this is an opportunity to have a specific movie plan each and every week. The typical flick with previews and popcorn and concession stand stops is a 2 to 2 1/2 hour commitment which is just under the length of a football game. Time your arrival and departure carefully and everyone can benefit.

2. If having company over is the tradition for game watching in your household and you do enjoy cooking, this is a great way to practice your skills and even experiment with some new dishes. No worries with failed experiments.. if enough beer is involved and the home team is winning your misadventures in the kitchen will not be noticed.

3. Get healthy. People are always saying they can never find the time to exercise. Daily exercise is best but if you can only do it once a week that is better then not doing it at all. Now that you have an extended window of time you can plan a hike, try a new routine or team like sport or just go for a very long walk.

4. Go to your local library and grab a book.  Reading for pleasure is another thing many people say this wish they could do if they had more time.  You can make a nice dent in a book with 3 hours of time on your hand.

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