Today’s blog comes with extra excitement. I was born a Yankees fan and came up watching them from the 80’s. The fire and fight that this 2017 team has is beyond amazing. The Yankees are a young club with some veterans leading the way and they mesh perfectly. They remind me of kids just having fun. It’s not about how much money they need to make. It’s about playing baseball. That is something hat has been missing in sports for a long time now.


Watching the ALDS game 5 Wednesday night probably took 5 years off my like but as a true Yankee fan or fan of anything, it’s the passion that drives everyone. DiDi had some big shoes to fill when Derek Jeter retired and honestly I think he has gone above and beyond. He’s the truth! Bret Gardner is a homegrown Yankee and now a veteran in the club. Seeing him grind out that at bat in the 9th inning was nothing short of a classic. Smart baserunning on Todd Frazier’s part and solid pitching from CC and Chapman resulted in the Yankees winning. Coming from being down 2 games and facing elimination for the next 3 esp after that debacle from Girardi just shows this team doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit! I will say I think Aaron Judge needs to start swinging at anything close bein a 6’7 monster. Just swing bro!


Now onto the ALCS against Houston who is another great team. October baseball is always my favorite time of year regardless of who’s in the playoffs- it’s just extra special having the Yankees here right now!