Well a sad day for everyone as we lost the OG Playboy Hugh Hefner at the age of 91. Hef passed away at the Playboy Mansion of natural causes and I think it’s safe to say he lived a very happy life. While his 31 year old wife was not in his will for unknown reasons Hef is survived by not only all the past and current Playmates but men across the world.


Is it wrong to thank him for jump starting puberty for me years ago?? I mean he handled Playboy as a business but with the fun and “perks” for so many years. He was the King – the guy every guy wanted to be. Not everyone would get an invite to the exclusive parties at the Playboy Mansion but just know if you did then you were on an elite list. The stories those walls could tell if they could talk. How about the Grotto? I remember hearing stories of Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit and Tommy Lee from Motley Crue just to name a few. But that was just it – there was no “social media” or cell phones with cameras watching your every move at the Mansion. It was a getaway from reality but yet a fantasy world most of us could only dream about.


Of course there are some memes that are out already saying that there’s no way Hef is in a better place after being with all those Playmates. Then again he is going to be buried next to Marilyn Monroe so I think he’s is a great place for eternity.


Put your glasses up for the original Playboy Hugh Hefner. Rest easy sir!