Concert Etiquette

As I get older, and yet another birthday is upon me October 23rd  I do most certainly notice certain tolerances have lessened. I hate to think someone in their 30′s has become salty or less patient as no one wants to be “that person”. I have however become more steadfast on my values and beliefs in which the way I live my life and consequently the way in which others live theirs. That is not to sound like I am the bastion of what is right and wrong and what is “should be” as I think everyone is on charge of their own destiny. However when your actions, behavior or shortcomings impede on my quality of life this is where my tolerance has gotten to a level where I cannot ignore and must address. This blog post will serve as your guide to attending a concert. There are certain rules depending on what type of concert you are in fact attending as the protocol for a symphony as opposed to a high energy metal show are different. However there are certain behaviors which are appropriate in general.

1) Watch the concert not your cell phone. You paid good money for your ticket and of course you would like to document your good time with video and pictures as well upload said items to your Facebook and Instagram accounts in an effort to social media brag to your friends that they are sitting home and you are witnessing glory. This is fine. My suggestion? One song. Yes pick one song to video. Then put your phone away. Watch the show through your own eyes not a cell phone. I recently attended a benefit concert. Tickets for the section in which I was sitting were priced at $250. For that high cost I would make sure I soaked up each ounce of energy in the show not view it though a 6 inch screen. Not to mention the woman sitting behind must have surely been filming a documentary as her cameras very BRIGHT flash was over my shoulder the entire show and constantly lit. I felt like a character from Touched By An Angel with Della Reese standing behind me ready to take m to heaven. It was distracting and unnecessary. Not to mention, I have YET TO SEE a great sounding and really clear video or picture capture from a concert. Most of the moments uploaded to You Tube as riddled with shaky hands, extraneous noise and barley visible figures in the darkness as a smartphone cannot work well with stage lighting. It is like taking pictures of fireworks. You do not get the same enjoyment of viewing a picture of the colorful explosion as you do hearing and seeing it live.

2) Sit or Stand. This is a tough one. I would suggest your best course of action is to follow the lead of the people around you. If your whole row or section is standing up and dancing then you really have no recourse or right to complain that you cannot see but rather join them  A concert is supposed to be a fun, exciting and good release of energy. Music makes people think, reflect and express as well as MOVE.  I personally have no problem with someone standing up in front of me if I am sitting as I think they should enjoy the show as they see fit however if the artist is signing a soft ballad, the whole venue is planted in their seats for you to be that rogue person standing is not going to win you any friends. Another course of action you can take is to do what I do; try to buy tickets for the first row of a section. That way you only have to worry about the people behind you not in front!

3) The maximum allowance to let you through the aisle for a bathroom or food break is one. Yes I will give you one polite pass. Anything beyond will result in an audible sigh as you pass or the knee swing in which I will not leave my seat but merely swing my knees to the side. The only exception to this rule is if you choose to make your trips BETWEEN acts at a show where there are multiple artists. Otherwise, “dont break the seal”.