The Best of the Internet

The internet is full of time wasters, entertainment, information and oh time wasters. If you can weed out the nonsense, spam and fake websites you can actually find a solution for every single thing that needs to be accomplished in your life as well as solutions for travel, entertainment and shopping! Below are some of the sites I have stumbled across and used. Check them out, try them out and let me know how your experience it. This website is built around the concept that for 5 dollars people will do almost any task you may need done that can be achieved remotely. Case and point, I needed an advertising flyer designed for me to use on the internet and possibly print up and distribute. I knew what i needed done but i have  zero artistic ability nor any professional photo editing software skills. Enter It is a huge database of people offering their services and skills for you to view. You can check out samples of the work, reviews and make an inquiry. It lists the price of the job (always starting at 5 dollars), the cost of upgrades like more intricate work or speedier delivery. You submit the work order to the vendor you choose with all the info needed. You then receive notification of when the work is done and the finished product. At this point you can with click accept or make changes. Depending on your choice the job ends and the vendor is paid or you continue to work together. My experience with the graphics artist I chose was quick, professional and the best five dollars I have ever spent. He did in a matter of days something I could never do in months. I now have the name of a person who does this type of work whom I will use in the future.

Some of the other services provided by

-outgoing voicemail messages

-website tweeks

-social media posting

-cartoon and graphic production

-birthday greetings.

Another website I have wandered across that is receiving a lot of attention is  This is a website where local people rent out their homes to people on vacation or business all over the country. It is a cheaper and more intimate way to stay overnight rather then a hotel which can be cold, and not comfortable. There is a lot of controversy with this service especially in New York City. Real estate of any type is a pretty penny in Manhattan and hotels are complaining that private citizens are hurting their business by offering less expensive options to consumers. Like most services offered make sure you read the reviews to ensure that your “landlord” is deemed attentive and acceptable as you do not have a business entity to complain to as you would in a traditional hotel. It is an affordable option for travel and often times more comfortable.