Frank Vincent R.I.P.

Normally I don’t get morbid but yesterday we lost a legend by the name of Frank Vincent. He was most famous for the line “Now go get your shinebox!” Famously said in the classic Goodfellas as he played Billy Batts. Of course he also played Phil Leotard do in The Sopranos, yet another classic role for him. Can’t forget about roles in Do The Right Thing, Casino, Raging Bull just to name a few. He had such an intimidating presence to him yet was the most relaxed, calm and funny person to be around. He was on 78.


It seems like we are losing so many of the “old school” people. As time goes by people get old and that’s natural but it’s weird it’s like my childhood is officially ending. I grew up watching these movies and emulating these actors.


I guess when things like this happen it makes you appreciate life and appreciate what you have because on the drop of a dime you can be gone. I know it’s somewhat cliche to say “live everyday as if it’s your last” because then most of us would do some wild stuff. So I guess I can just say enjoy everyday. That’s why it’s called the present – because it’s a gift. So embrace that and treasure it! RIP Frank Vincent