New T Swift

So the buzz has been going around all week when Taylor Swift shut down her social media and then teased her new single and album. Well the wait is over and the world now has “look What You Made Me Do” on replay!! The new album, Reputation comes out November 10 and we may be seeing yet a different side of Miss Swift!


This album promises to be straight up Pop but a darker side of Taylor as well. The big question on everyone’s mind – WHO is she singing about in this new song? Some say Katy Perry, some say Calvin Harris, but most say it’s about Kanye….and Kim. After hearing it about 40 times already, I think it’s about all of them but really focuses on Kanye. Of course Right Said Fred had a part in helping write the song and used their melody to “I’m Too Sexy” on Taylor’s chorus. Listen closely.


Now I guess we can all draw our own conclusions but either way this track is an anthem already. Taylor Swift is a MOVEMENT and a trend setter. She finds a way to stay relevant no matter what and I have a feeling her new album is going to showcase all that and then some.