Foods you cannot stop eating!

I recently ran across a Reddit board, where someone had asked: what’s the one food you can’t stop eating?

I don’t mean over the course of days, weeks, months or years, but in one sitting.

Mine is pizza. I cannot be trusted to order a whole pie by myself, as I will make myself sick eating the entire thing. Not sporadically over the course of the evening or the next day, but just in one continuous, gluttonous session. It doesn’t matter what kind of pizza, or a particular brand or from a specific location. ANY pizza, even one that I do not particularly care for. I don’t like mushrooms, but if there’s a pizza there that is loaded with them, I’ll overlook it. Spicy toppings that will keep me up all night? It’s worth it. Still so hot that it can cause 2nd degree burns? I’ll heal.

So, what about you? Do you have a food that is your kryptonite? A food that you are powerless against? Let me know in the comments below!