Leave the Biebs alone!

Ok so as we all know a lot has been going on with Justin Bieber as of late. He recently cancelled the rest of his Purpose world tour due to the fact that he wants his rest and well…wants to ride bikes. No he is not starting a church so we can forget about that. I think what a lot of JB fans and maybe haters don’t understand is that touring nonstop can be really taxing on a person. The long and crazy hours and schedule is not something normal 9-5 people go through. Now yes while I agree this is the life he’s chose since he was a kid, I also think he is entitled to a break. With everything that is going on in the world and people leaving us so soon I think Justin made the right choice is taking a break. I was never one to agree with his behavior but we also do not know what goes on in his head or behind closed doors. He is still human!


To say that he owes the fans and should finish the tour is a bit selfish of you ask me. It’s not like the fans aren’t going to get their money back for the tickets?!?! One way or another I’m sure he will make it up to the fans and his PR department will handle it the right way – which they have so far. Losing Chester Bennington is still fresh in everyone’s heads….let’s not dwell on why JB cancelled his tour. Let’s stop and think for a second and realize maybe he had all the right reasons on doing so. It’s one of those put 2 and 2 together and you get 4!


Sometimes…actually all the time the health and well-being of an artist or musician or whoever needs to come FIRST before the fans. Just my 2 cents.