Remakes and Sequels

Movie remakes and sequels


I’m a fan of movies. In fact I try to get to the movies any chance I get. And if I can’t then I have a plethora of DVD’s at home and of course the fire stick to stream haha. But I’m more of an old school movie kinda guy. So when I see remakes or sequels of old storyline movies I start to question it.


Perfect example of a movie that I think is worthy of a sequel is CREED 2. I get what they did with the first one and it worked having Michael B. Jordan play Apollo Creed’s illegitimate son and then having Rocky train him. Rocky ended up getting sick and you thought he was gonna die which would’ve  been the saddest moment in cinema history.


So now with CREED 2 in the works, it looks like the Ivan Drago character will possibly be in it played by Dolph Lundgren. The picture below seems to tease a fight between the two – as Jordan avenges his fathers death however I’m also hearing there will be a major twist to the story and either Drago will have a son fight Jordan or some other twist.


Again I think this type of movie will work when it comes to the Rocky legacy as I’m sure Sly will be in it as well but I say after this they call it quits. Sometimes too much of a good thing can end up being bad.