Which Moms are the Best?

I went to dinner with my Mom this past weekend as she is celebrating her retirement. Lucky! It will be awhile for this radio dj to retire. She is a great mom which got me to think who TV wise were my favorite moms growing up. This is what I compiled/

4) Rosanne Conner

I am a fan of wit and sarcasm so I have to put Rosie on my list. She may not be a culinary expert but keep an immaculate house but you can always count on Roseanne to give you the truth coupled with a laugh. Her no nonsense blue collar style makes her a top runner.

3) Carmela Soprano

She is the epitome of “stand by your man”. Not to say that is always the best quality but I can relate to her ways in a traditional close knit Italian household. She solves most things with the same solution- food. Time to put out the pasta even though Tony is in jail for murder.

2) Peg Bundy

She made no apologies for who she was and who she was married to. She kept Al and the kids in place and made sure she let them know who was boss. At the end of the day she really loved Al only sought his affection and attention. She made a full time job out of sitting on the couch with bon bon’s while Al toiled away at his glamorous shoe job.


1) Claire Huxtable

My number one top mom was the lawyer from Park Slope Brooklyn. Claire was funny, fair and the perfect match for her husband Cliff. She made sure her kids were respectful, accomplished and supported in what they did. The Huxtable kids lead a privileged lifestyle as children of a doctor and lawyer but Claire made sure they knew how lucky they were. All Bill Cosby current stuff aside..it was a great show.