A Reverse Selfie on National Selfie Day

Ahhhh the selfie. It has become slang, the norm, the “thing to do”. Does it play on everyone’s natural vanity? Portraying themselves in the best light albeit not very organic as probably 30 selfies were taken before the chosen one.

I’d like to issue a challenge. I’d like to challenge people to take a “reverse selfie”. Take a picture of, highlight someone who you have helped, mentored or displayed the ultimate “selflessness” towards. Often times we get caught up in talking about ourselves, our accomplishments and the continuous action of selling ourselves.  Talk to that high school class on career service day. Try to set aside a little time for that beginner seeking advice. Your advice and time are valuable and if you can share a bit of yourself and your experiences along the way it will only inspire.

I admit it. It’s hard. Our plates are full but if you can consciously initiate a conversation, respond to a request or “fit someone in” seeking counsel it will just inherently  add to the betterment of our your profession.