Katy Perry’s change – real or unreal?

So Katy Perry has been fascinating to watch lately. She’s been trying to promote this feud with Taylor Swift — but is it actually real? I’m about 90% sure it’s totally fake and she’s doing a horrible job at it!

Now I know it sounds like I’m a Katy hater, but I really love her first three singles (‘Chained To The Rhythm,’ ‘Bon Appetit’ & ‘Swish Swish’) off her new album Witness!

She just seems to be going way out of her way to make it seem like they hate each other, but after ‘Swish Swish’ didn’t take off as expected she’s now pretending she never wanted this beef to begin with and that she wants to be buddy-buddy with her again.

Do you think it’s genuine she wants to be friends again? Or is she trying something new to sell more music?