The Addiction of cell phones

I wanna touch on the subject of the use of cell phones. I guess you can say there’s an etiquette involved with this. Now I know we live in a time that we need and can get access to information at the drop of a dime but let’s be honest here – do we need to “live” on our cell phones?? I’ve seen people not only text and do just about everything else at the same time but people are having a face to face conversation with each other while staring at their phones on social media no less. Personally I think it’s rude. I read a saying and actually posted it on my Facebook page that said “hang out/be with people who make you forget to look at your cell phone.” And I believe that whole heartedly. I grew up without the use of a cell phone until I was 20 – aging myself a bit but we had beepers in high school and what not and hat was ok. Now that the age of the smartphone is the big thing it’s become a must have for even little kids.


So here’s what I read and wanted to share with you. If you feel your “addicted” to your cell phone and most of us are, here’s a cool tip to maybe help with that addiction. All phones are in. Plot and use bright colors – that’s what keeps us on it most of the time without even realizing it. Go to your settings and change your screen to a black and white color or what some phones call a “grayscale”. You will end up using your phone a lot less if it is set on grayscale because there’s no cool colors keeping your attention. Subconsciously, you won’t care or be as interested in constantly checking your phone then. Give it a try for a week and watch how much more time you save by enjoying life and not living on your phone. And if it doesn’t work out you can always change it back.