Fashion faux pas!

First male rompers and now male lace shorts?!?!?


What is the fashion world coming to is what I have to ask. I mean I’m still trying to get over the male romper and now we have lace shorts for guys. Anytime I hear the word lace I think of something related to a Victoria’s Secret catalogue or something girly and sexy.


Yes fellas this is a thing – please don’t fall into the trap of wearing either this summer or ever LOL. I mean hey if it’s your thing and you want to then be my guest. But you won’t catch me in these bright colorful garments anytime – ever. I honestly think the fashion trends are being tested. People want to see what they can get away with and right. Ow it looks like there seem to be no limits. I can only imagine what next weeks trend will be.


Someone please come up with something a little more mean and rugged for the fellas. Let’s keep the lace stuff for the ladies. Please!!!