Memorial Day Menu

Every year I go through the fun hassle of figuring out what to make or BBQ for Memorial Day and even though there’s the basics, I thought maybe changing it up this year a bit might be fun too. We all know you got the burgers and dogs and even chicken or corn on the cob but this year I’m having a pasta salad. Yea I know it’s basic but it’s a dish I never had on MD. I do the steaks too as that’s a big thing but how about adding some new food to the menu…the question is what?


I have the fire pit ready to go so that should be fun as hats a first but I’m still stuck on what “new foods’ to cook. It’s always a good thing to change it up a bit. Hit me up with your thoughts and your ideas. What’s on your menu for the big day? Oh and is it just a day that you celebrate or do you make a weekend out of it? Not gonna lie I’m making a weekend out of it this year. Why not right?


Enjoy, stay safe and I’ll check ya next week.