What’s wrong with the news…

It’s sad that Bad News sells. As a society, we seem to thrive on bad news.We gawk at accidents as we drive by, curious as to what terrible thing just happened. We watch videos that show innocents being hurt in various ways: the whole time criticizing how awful it all is, as we watch the video to the very end. Our newspapers, television shows, etc, all lead with the worst. Atrocities both local and from around the globe are broadcast in spectacular color to the populace; newspapers cannot choose a font big enough to advertise the latest heinous act. The whole time, what good news there is is usually pushed to the background; printed small on page 24, right below ads looking for love. Television broadcast producers have to cut the heart-warming story they were planning on using to end the evening’s broadcast, due to time constraints.

I’d love to see this time-honored trend be reversed. Let’s put the local hero who raised money to help someone who was homeless on the front page. Let’s lead off our news broadcast with a good deed that was performed, with no reward in mind. Imagine how wonderful each day would start if we were welcomed to it by happiness or joy or generosity or love.

I know Bad News will never go away, but maybe there wouldn’t be as much of it, if we get glorify it and give it top billing.