Avril Lavigne…or not!

So this is pretty crazy! There’s this conspiracy theory came up awhile back that Avril Lavigne could be dead and/or has a body double and some new “evidence” shows it could be possible! Super extremely unlikely but… still possible!

So here’s what we have for “evidence” —

Exhibit #1 – Her Eyes

The first photo is of her years ago and the second is more recent. If you look close the edges of her eyes don’t match in the two photos.

Exhibit #2 – Her Jaw

Unless she’s had some work done (which is totally possible) her jawline is a lot smoother in recent photos compared to years ago.

Exhibit #3 – Her Handwriting

As you can see, her handwriting for her song ‘Let Me Go’ is totally different than her handwriting from a tweet from January this year. It’s possible she felt like printing instead of using cursive, or possibly Chad wrote the lyrics to the original.

Exhibit #4 – Misc.

People on twitter are a mix of interested, skeptical and confused… and of course made fun of it too.

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