Digital vs. Physical

Do you download the latest music by artists or are you someone who enjoys the physical copy, like a CD or vinyl?

Although I’ve purchased a few single songs before in digital format, I have never bought an “album” in that format. There’s something I enjoy about the physical nature of OWNING the product: buying it digitally seems like it truly doesn’t exist. I like to see it on the rack of music I own and being very OCD about such things, I enjoy the time making room for it in alphabetical order along with the rest of its brethren.

I feel the same way about movies – I cannot imagine downloading a film. To rent absolutely, but to own it, never. Come to think of it, you can add books to this list as something I would never download. Wow, I guess I’m anti-digital about a lot more than I thought!

So how about you? Are you someone who enjoys having that CD or vinyl, to hold and to physically own or do you think that time has passed and you’ve amassed a healthy collection of digital goods?


~ Kennedy