Oreo’s could equal $$$

OK so I am a big time Oreo cookie fan. My personal favorite is the double stuffed. As of late I am seeing an overabundance of different “flavored” oreos. The latest being the waffles and syrup flavor.I don’t really know how to feel about this – especially since I haven’t tried the latest flavor yet. My question – what is too much of a good thing? I mean you have the lemon ice, strawberry milkshake, cinnabon, and so forth. Now the Oreo company is doing a twitter contest looking for the next flavor and it could be worth half a mil. They admit to running out of ideas. So here it goes….what flavor/idea do you have for the Oreo cookie? Email it to me – we’ll split it if we win 😉 djpauliefeva@gmail.com

Catch you guys at 3pm! Peace!