Who will become One Direction’s breakout star?

So every time one of the members of One Direction put out a new song it makes me wonder – Which one of these guys will become the biggest star? Now it’s totally possible each member could go on to have a huge career, but more times than not only one of the members will go on to be huge. For example:

*NSYNC had Justin Timberlake (when everyone originally thought JC Chasez was going to be the huge star)

Destiny’s Child had Beyonce (Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams still had some success with their solo careers)

The Backstreet Boys didn’t really have any solo success

The Police had Sting

The Jackson 5 had Michael Jackson (though Janet was big too)


… and the lists go on. The interesting thing about One Direction is that they already have huge solo hits and became the first group in the history of the Hot 100 to have two of it’s member’s solo debuts hit the top 5 on the charts (Zayn – Pillowtalk; Harry Styles – Sign of the Times). Niall Horan has already hit the top 20 in many countries with his debut single ‘This Town.’ Louis Tomlinson hasn’t been as successful as the others, but his single with Steve Aoki has gotten a lot of airplay and has still done better than pretty much any of the “others” besides JC Chasez. And finally there’s Liam who just had a kid with Cheryl Cole, but he’s got some music in the works as well.


So out of the five guys I think Zayn has the best chance to become the biggest name from the group. Even though I absolutely love Harry Styles’ music and think he’s incredibly talented and creative, I think Zayn already has the head start and the hits to become the biggest name from the group. Harry will still have some hits, but I think he’s going to be more like Justin Timberlake where he can do more than just sing; he’s hilarious, he can act and he can model.


What do you think?