Going backwards

How do you feel about nostalgia? Especially as it pertains to music. I ask because of one song in particular – Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times”. If you haven’t heard it yet and I were to play it for you, you actually might think that you were listening to a Journey or Foreigner song from the 80’s. An emphasis on piano and an “arena rock” accompaniment, makes the song stand out in a market which utilizes a more “processed” sound. But, is that a good thing?

Have we gotten to a point in music where it’s time for a change? Every decade or so, the music industry evolves, with a slight overlap of sound, as one musical style prepares to bow out as the king and the new style accepts its position as what serves as the standard bearer. And it’s not just from newer artists like Styles: artists like The Weeknd and Lady Gaga have “tweaked” their music, to the point where some of their songs not only hark back to days past, but also seem to adopt the sound, both from a singer and musician standpoint. When a listener asks to hear “the new Michael Jackson song” – an artist who has passed on – when they really want to hear “I Feel It Coming” by The Weeknd; doesn’t make you wonder whether or not we are indeed in the midst of a musical revolution?

Or is it a revival?

Either way, I believe that music is about to evolve and change. The question is: are YOU ready?

~ Kennedy